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About Us

We're with you every step of the way

Highland Brokers Ltd is a small but experienced Self Directed Support (SDS) payroll provider. We are based in Inverness and serve the people of the Highlands and Islands. We are an independent company with little in the way of overheads, meaning that we can keep our fees low. We have over 12 years payroll experience with 7 years specialising in helping people manage their SDS budgets and paperwork, thus relieving some of their stress at an already difficult time.


We understand the importance of getting to know our clients and discussing their requirements, either face to face or over the telephone. Please feel free to contact us for a chat.

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Self Directed Support Highlands

What is SDS and how can we help you?

Self Directed Support (SDS) is financial help sourced from the Highland Council in conjunction with NHS Highland. It empowers people to direct their own care and support, and to have informed choices about how their support is provided.


SDS can be used in many ways. You can get support from a carer (also known as a “personal assistant”) to enable you to live in your own home. You may need help with every day activities such as having a bath or getting dressed. SDS could help you enjoy leisure pursuits more. For example, you might arrange for a carer to help you attend local classes or go swimming. SDS can also be used to provide a short break (respite) or for special equipment and temporary adaptations. Self Directed Support can be used for a variety of other needs, including help with housework, support in attending medical appointments, being accompanied on shopping trips, providing meals and food planning.


If you are in receipt of SDS Option 1, you become the employer of your carer(s). This is where we come in, to help carry that responsibility. We register you as an employer with HMRC, calculate your carer’s pay and make the payments from your SDS account straight to your staff, as well as paying taxes to HMRC. We also help with drawing up carer’s contracts and arranging insurance. If required, we can assist with advertising for carers on our Facebook page, at no extra cost to you.


There are many other ways we can assist you. Please see Our Services for a full list of services we provide.


Please contact us for further information and we will be delighted to assist you.

Meet The Team

Linda Nicholls

Linda is the Director and Payroll Manager of the company. She has specialised in SDS payroll management for several years. She is the main point of contact for clients and is always happy to discuss individual needs with clients and provide advice on the best course of action. She liaises with NHS Highland and other agencies on behalf of our clients.

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Sher MacKenzie

Sher is the company’s Administrator. She has a strong payroll background, having worked across various sectors over many years. She has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. As Administrator, she provides support to Linda as well as dealing directly with clients.

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